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3rd Party Logistics

3rd Party logistics

Now that most shoppers are using online retailers, it has never been a better time to open a digital storefront. However, while e-commerce can be easier to break into than running a brick and mortar store, it still comes with significant challenges.

One of the most critical hurdles you’ll have to overcome is fulfillment.

When starting your business, you have to make a choice – fulfill orders yourself or rely on a third-party logistics (3PL) company. While a DIY approach may seem viable at first, it can quickly become too much to handle. Here are a few reasons to work with a 3PL business like Accurate Warehousing and Distribution.

Inventory Management

If you’re storing and packing orders yourself, what happens when your audience grows bigger? Scaling can be a massive problem if you’re utilizing garage or self-storage space to house your products.

Instead, we can manage your inventory for you. Once we receive your items in our warehouse, we’ll organize them and store them so that each product is easy to pick, pack and ship. We’ll even generate SKU labels to make it easier to keep track of specific items as they sell.

Picking and Packing

When handling order fulfillment yourself, you likely have to dig through boxes of products to find the right one for your customer. While most orders will be for similar items, what happens when you receive a complicated request?

At Accurate Warehousing and Distribution, we have certified pickers that will ensure accuracy and precision every time. We also have the tools and equipment to cut down on labor time so that your orders will get out faster.

Shipping and Delivery

One of your highest costs is shipping packages to your customers. Since we’re based in Las Vegas, we can handle the delivery of local orders, so you don’t have to rely on USPS or FedEx. Best of all, our warehouse is open 24/7, so same-day delivery is never a problem. Ensure customer satisfaction while reducing your bottom line.

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Having the right 3PL partner can make all the difference for your e-commerce store. Call us to set up a consultation and see how we can help you succeed.


We are available 24/7 to pull and/or deliver any products that require same-day delivery.