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Inventory Control

We have invested heavily in technology to improve our efficiency. Our inventory control program, is effective for short term or long term warehousing requirements as well as cross docking. Product entering the warehouses can either be bar coded with our labeling system or the inventory system can read existing bar codes provided by our clients. Inventory is slotted based on its activity level to maximize speed and efficiency. Cycle counts are performed on a regular basis for all products in the warehouses to verify inventory each month. Our inventory control program can develop custom reports for clients or provide any one of numerous stock inventory reports based on the pallet, case, or individual item. Our online system also features round the clock inventory access. Updated in real time and available 24 hours a day, customers can check inventory and confirm inbound shipments day or night. Need to place an order? Clients can submit pick-ups, parcel shipments, or LTL deliveries online; it’s all just a click away.


We are available 24/7 to pull and/or deliver any products that require same-day delivery.