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Long Term Storage

Long Term Storage

When running an e-commerce store, one of the problems you can run into is storage. Typically, when storing your products, there are three primary options available:

Self Storage – You can pay for an individual unit, where you choose the size. However, you may not get to pick where it is in the building, and you may not have 24/7 access.

Warehouse Storage – This option is slightly better because you have more space and storage options, but you still have to manage inventory yourself.

Third-Party Logistics – When working with a company like Accurate Warehousing and Distribution, we’ll handle the details for you.

Overall, the primary advantage of working with a 3PL company like us is that you don’t have to do the hard work of inventory management and order fulfillment. However, while 3PL may make sense for short-term needs, what about long-term storage?

Here are some of the top considerations to make when considering long-term storage for your products.


If you were to place your items in a self-storage facility, you might have to worry about thieves breaking in. The longer you go between visits, the more likely that someone can tamper with your unit. At Accurate Warehousing and Distribution, we always have people on-site 24/7 to ensure that your products are safe and secure.

Climate Control

If you have temperature-sensitive products, you want to be sure that they won’t get ruined by sitting in an unregulated storage unit. Because we actively manage your inventory, we can regularly check on all of your items to verify that they are in good condition. We also offer food-grade storage if necessary. Since we are in the desert, climate control is even more critical.


One of the primary problems with standard warehouse storage in Las Vegas is that you have to organize and maintain your inventory. Unfortunately, you likely don’t have the tools to generate SKU labels for each product, or the machinery to stack boxes (i.e., a forklift).

When working with us, we can keep all of your inventory at the ready. We use bins, pallets, and shelving to maintain accuracy and precision, even when items are stored for the long-term. Don’t worry about missing an order or diving through boxes to find the product again.


As an online retailer, you likely need a mix of short and long-term storage options. However, if most of your products stay on the shelf for a long time, we can customize a contract to fit your budget and needs. When you set up a consultation, we’ll discuss your unique challenges to come up with viable solutions.

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